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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

We are happy to have you with us,
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 [Guide] Adult/Graduated/Professor

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MesajSubiect: [Guide] Adult/Graduated/Professor   [Guide] Adult/Graduated/Professor EmptyLun Feb 14, 2011 5:55 am

As the name of the thread says this is the adult and professor guide. Here you will find value information about how to become an adult and/or professor .In the same time you will be able to find out different tips to enjoy your role playing experience as part of this category.

Adult /Professor Guide

Chapter I- General Information
•The last thing we want to see on the forum is the same model on two different accounts .For that we please all of you to check the Claim a face thread Here you will find the list of the available models and the taken on .In the same time is the right place to reserve one for your account.

●There are two ways to become an adult .One of them is the traditional one : joining as a student and graduating at Hogwarts .
The second one is easier: you just have to apply for becoming an adult in the right forum and if everything looks good you will become one of them

●Don’t forget that most of adults are not allowed to post at Hogwarts .The only exception is if they are member of the Hogwarts Staff ,Professor or working for the Ministry of Magic.

●If you are an adult you can’t be a student anymore. That means that you won’t be able to attend classes and earn points for your house.

●Adults are the only one allowed to get married

●Breaking any rules foisted by the Ministry of Magic can be punished with prison( depends on how sever it is)

●If you want to register as a creature Please Visit the Ministry Registries

Chapter II-Jobs/Professor
●We wanted that both adults and students to enjoy their time on the forum .That’s why we created many jobs for adults so they will never get bored.

●Just take a look at the jobs list(The List) and decide which one you want to join

●If you applied for the professor career (any subject) you will be sent an owl with 10 questions from the subject you chosen .Based on your response to the questions the headmaster/deputy headmaster will inform you if your application was accepted or denied.

●All professors MUST post a minimum of 2 lessons /month .

●At the end of each lesson professors must post a homework based on what he taught the students during that classes

●A homework is available until the professor starts a new lesson .Example: If on 12 December 2010 a professor posted a homework and on 25 December 2010 a new lesson that means that the homework from 12 December is no more available .

●It’s very important that all the lessons to be based on what is presented in the books/movie .We are not telling you not to use the imagination but try to keep it as close to the books as possible (imagination should be used only in case there are anything else to be posted about that subject .You can take a look at different harry potter sites that offers you hundreds of articles about each subject

●It’s the professor decision if they want to prepare a general exam from what he/she taught the students during THAT TERM( all the lessons must have been posted during the term of that exam) .Anyway the O.W.L (Ordinary Wizarding Level) and N.E.W.T (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) are a must .

●The Grades in the wizarding World for the exams are different from the real one.
Grades List:

Passing grades
O (Outstanding)
E (Exceeds Expectations)
A (Acceptable)

Failing grades
P (Poor)
D (Dreadful)
T (Troll)

●You can decide on the way you want your classes to be .You can create a “Join “ topic where students can register for your class or you can simply let everyone take part of the lessons as long as they are students

●In the same time you can decide on the way you teach students .For example you can write an introduction post and wait for students to reply and then continue the lesson .Or you can simply write the entire lesson in one post(of course it must be pretty long and include all the details about that lesson) and after that just answer to the students question or practice with them.

●You can give a maximum of 20 points/homework and deduct -20 points/student.

●All professors MUST post the points they give on the house points board otherwise it won't be taken in consideration You can find all of them here

●Professors are the only one who can become “Head of the House” .For this they will get extra galleons.

●If you decide on the “Join” way for you class, all the students who are registered should do all their homeworks/be active during classes or their points will be deduct (the maximum points you can take from a student for being absent is -5 )

●Of course you will get paid for getting a job .You will find out how much you win from each job in the specific section

Chapter III- Term Dates
-Of course it’s very important to know the term dates and the break between them .Here is the list of the official term dates:
•Spring Term : 01 February -30 April
Spring Break : 01 May-22 May

•Summer Term: 22 May-30 June
Summer Break:01 July-01 August

•Fall Term: 01 August-31 October
Fall Break:01 November -22 November

•Winter Term:22 November-01 January
Winter Break:01 January-01 February

Chapter IV-How to get and where to spend Galleons
●I am sure that most of you are asking how to get money .Well the lucky thing is that for professor and adults it ‘very easy to win job .They actually only have to get a job and try to be as active as possible.

The salary is given at the end of the month .For that all the adults are asked to reply to the Monthly Salary Topic at Gringotts Bank You have all information about how to do it in this thread .Very important!

●The galleons can be used in many ways .For example you can donate your money for different charities , you can buy things from Diagon Alley(Knockturn Alley is still under construction), or buy a house at Godric's Hollow.All the items you have bought will appear in your “Trunk”

Chapter V- How to do my “job”
●Of course in order to get paid you will have to prove to the Gringotts Bank your activity during that month.Each of the jobs have something specific to do .
Working for the Newspaper- Means that you will have to provide the editor in chef with monthly articles.
Working for the Radio- Means that you will have to make topics discussing about different things in the wizarding world( you should try not to invent them ,just investigate) ,or you can interview a personality of the forum
Working as a Professor –Provide the Bank with your lessons you have done during that month
Working for the Ministry- You will have to take part at all the meetings ,set different rules etc.
Aurors –You will have to investigate different situations given by the ministry to you.
And the list continues

●We understand that all of you have a real life too and won’t be able to be dedicated 100% to the forum .In case you are leaving for a period of time please post at Absences Report Forum absence so the staff can know that your account is currently inactive .

I hope that this guide was useful .Anyway if you still have any questions please post in the Help Corner. Don’t forget to check the other guide and rules too .Thank you for choosing Hogwarts Magic Realm and enjoy your role playing on the forum.
©2011 Hogwarts Magic Realm –HMR Rules

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[Guide] Adult/Graduated/Professor
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