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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

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My Character

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MesajSubiect: Renee Tohon   Renee Tohon EmptyMar Apr 10, 2012 2:42 pm


Character name:Renee Tohon
]Birthday:May 3, 2001

Blood status:Half Blood
Place of birth/residence:Dartmoor,England


Family background and description:Renee lives with her parents and brother on a farm in Dartmoor,England. Both the children help their parents on the farm.Her father who's name is Ken is also a writer in his spare time. Their mother Lily helps with the Dartmoor ponies on their farm. Renee's brother Keith is two years older than Renee.
Their mother is a full blooded witch.
Personal history:Renee found out she was a witch when she was a year old. She could telepath with the ponies. Her parents thought that was great,but told her not to tell anyone when she starts school. She went to preschool at three years old. Than to a public school until now.


Physical Appearance:She has black hair in a pixie cut. She has emerald green eyes. She has freckles on the bridge of her nose. She likes wearing western clothes and moccasins. She wears a gold unicorn pendent on a gold chain.
Personality:She's a little shy in meeting new people.She wasn't a very good student in the public school. She rather be out-side. She loves animals. She does have a pony of her own and loves to be out on the moors. She loves music and plays a flute. She also loves to write fantasy stories.

Boggart:Losing her family
Mirror of Erised (your character's greatest wish):Owning her own horse and pony ranch.
Patronus (the form your character's Patronus takes):Cougar
Amortentia (what the potion would smell like for your character, meaning what he or she finds most attractive):Roses

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character):She has a close friend named Candy who lives on a farms next to hers.
How you found the forum:Google
Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want:Renee came running in the house. She had the letter from Hogwarts in her left hand.
She was so excited.
Her parents and brother Keith were having lunch. Her lunch was waiting for her on the table.
They saw how excited she was. Her mother saw the letter and smiled. She knew how her daughter felt. She was that excited,too when she got her letter.
Renee gave the letter to her mother. She ask her to open it and read it to her father and brother.
Her mother read it. Her father said he was very proud of her.
He than ask her what pet would she like to take with her to school?
She said a Bombay kitten.
Her parents agreed to that. They would get the kitten when they get her her supples.
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Renee Tohon
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