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 Student Application- Lucy Malfoy

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Lucy Malfoy

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MesajSubiect: Student Application- Lucy Malfoy   Student Application- Lucy Malfoy EmptyMier Mai 30, 2012 3:43 pm


Character name: Lucy Malfoy
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 5th
Age: 11

Blood status: Pure-Blood
Ethnicity/nationality: British-American
Place of birth/residence: Born in New York City, NY, USA (Lived there from birth to age 10) / Chesire, England (Current Residence)


Family background and description: Lucy comes from the Malfoy family; she is a direct relative of Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. Both of her parents, Andromeda Reed (American) and Phoenix Malfoy (English) were pure-blood students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and belonged in the Slytherin House. Lucy is an only child.

Personal history: Lucy lost her mother in an accident in the Muggle world at age 8, and has lived with her father ever since. They have just recently relocated from New York City to Chesire in order for Lucy to start her education at Hogwarts. She has always known she was a Witch, and waited patiently for her letter to arrive. She did not have many friends while living in her American home in New York City due to her strange behavior, however, she did manage to make a lasting friendship with a muggle boy in her class. They are still friends.


Physical Appearance: Lucy has blonde hair, her eyes are a deep grey color, and she is somewhat short for her age. Her petite frame makes her seem like a delicate, fragile girl, however, she is a powerful witch.

Personality: Lucy has always been very close to her dad, and he influences most of her personality. Despite coming from a family with “Pure-Blood Mania”, she would never discriminate either muggle-borns or half-bloods. She is very easy to talk to, which is hard to believe because of the family she comes from. However, she does have great interest in the Dark Arts, Occlumency and History of Magic.
Like any other Malfoy, she enjoys being the center of attention, whether it be good or bad. Lucy is very good at shutting people down. If she doesn’t like you, she will let you know. She likes to have things done her way, and will do anything (with limits!) to achieve her goals. Lucy is very straight-forward, very sarcastic, and likes to break/bend the rules from time to time.
Her flaws include being too cold sometimes. She also has trouble expressing her inner feelings and emotions to others, but has no problem with listening to other person’s troubles. She really likes to be around water, whether it be the beach, or a lake. She greatly dislikes people using the words “Love” and “Hate” as she feels like they are used too often and therefore have lost their meaning.

Boggart : Hell
Mirror of Erised: To become a talented Auror and bring a little bit of pride to the Malfoy family.
Patronus: A wolf
Amortentia: To Lucy, Amortentia would smell of rain, roses and vanilla

Additional information: Nothing, really.
How you found the forum: I Googled “Hogwarts Uniform” because I had nothing better to do and I was procrastinating (Homework!) and I went to the Harry Potter Wiki, which then took me to this place.

Role-play example (at least 50 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.

Situation: The Sorting Hat asks Lucy which house she should be sorted into.

Lucy: I will be sorted into Slytherin. There is no doubt. Not only do I come from a pure-blood family, but I also am very determined, ambitious, and loyal. I know I will bring pride to my family and to the Slytherin House. Besides, I have great respect for Professor Severus Snape. He was a Slytherin, and I will be proud to say that I belonged in the same house (besides, everyone in my family has been in Slytherin, why shouldn’t I?)
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Student Application- Lucy Malfoy
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