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Welcome to Hogwarts magic Realm. Please register, after that get sorted or get a job and enjoy your time in the magic world. Don’t forget that this is a post-potter forum that means you won’t be able to role play as any of the characters from the books, just use your imagination and create your own. We advice everyone to take a look at the rules and guides before starting their role playing experience. For any questions just pm the Staff Team

We are happy to have you with us,
HMR Team
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MesajSubiect: [Guide]Students   [Guide]Students EmptyDum Feb 13, 2011 9:10 am

As the name says this is a Student Guide Book .Here you will find very important information about how to earn points for your house ,how to move up in year or even how to earn some money to buy some stuffs .Just take a look at the Guide Book under this text and for any questions contact the administration team.

Students Guide Book

Chapter I- General
•The last thing we want to see on the forum is the same model on two different accounts .For that we please all of you to check the Claim a face thread Here you will find the list of the available models and the taken on .In the same time is the right place to reserve one for your account.

●Probably if you are reading this means that you decided on being a student at Hogwarts.
-The first thing you should do is to actually sort yourself at the “The Sorting Ceremony” There you will be sent to one of the four houses :Hufflepuff,Gryffindor ,Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

●At the beginning, every student receives 150 galleons as pocket money given to him or her by his or her family in order to buy the books and equipment required for studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of the first things you should do if you're a student is to visit the shops onDiagon Alley and buy everything you need there.

●Each of the 4 houses have a common room located in different places of the castle.You can enter only the room of the house where you’ve been sorted too .

●After you’ve been sorted to a house you won’t be able to change it .The sorting will be done based on your answers to the questions.

●The Grades in the wizarding World for the exams are different from the real one.
Grades List:

Passing grades
O (Outstanding)
E (Exceeds Expectations)
A (Acceptable)

Failing grades
P (Poor)
D (Dreadful)
T (Troll)

●If you want to register as a creature Please Visit the Ministry Registries

Chapter II- Term Dates
●Of course it’s very important to know the term dates and the break between them .Here is the list of the official term dates:

•Spring Term : 01 February -30 April
Spring Break : 01 May-22 May

•Summer Term: 22 May-30 June
Summer Break:01 July-01 August

•Fall Term: 01 August-31 October
Fall Break:01 November -22 November

•Winter Term:22 November-01 January
Winter Break:01 January-01 February

Chapter III-How to move up to the next year
●In order to move up to the next year you must be a very active member of your house.

●During each term break(spring,summer,fall,winter) we create a special thread where you can post to get to the next year

●You have to earn at least 100 points during that term to get to the next year. If you didn’t get 100 points for your house you won’t be able to post in that thread.

●During each term you can move up a maximum of 2 years if you earned the required 200 points . But that’s your decision .If you are already 5th year you will be able to move up only 1 year.
Year 1/2/3/4 – can move up 2 years for 200 points/term
Year 5/6- can move up only 1 year for 100 points/term

Chapter IV-How to earn House Points and Galleons
●Earning house points it’s really easy .There are many ways to do it .The most traditional method is to go at classes(and probably the fastest way to earn points) .Based on your answers to the lessons and the quality of your homework you can get points.

●Another way is to be part of the Quidditch Team .If your team wins ,each player gets 50 points + 100 Galleons

●You can participate at different events(that will be announced during the term).They will bring you both money and points

●If you are a graphic designer just fill requests from “Graphic Request Thread”.You get 20 points for each signature/avatar you made.

●Don’t forget ,if you have a rude behavior at classes or in the school ,points can be deducted from your house

●Sadly there aren’t to many available jobs for a student .The only one available is editor for the wizarding newspaper .But there are many events where you can earn money.

●All the money you earn can be spent on the Diagon Alley.

The salary is given at the end of the month .For that all the student are asked to reply to the Monthly Salary Topic at Gringotts Bank You have all information about how to do it in this thread .Very important!

Chapter V-How to play Quidditch
●Each house has it’s own quidditch team that you can join.

●A complete guide about this game can be found at this Thread

Chapter VI-Exams
●There are 2 main exams in the wizarding World : O.W.L and N.E.W.T but during the year you can get test papers from the professors of each class.

●O.W.L is a must exam for all the 5th year students

●N.E.W.T is a must exam for all the 7th year students

●More information about this exams will be posted in a special topic in the forum

I hope that this guide was useful .Anyway if you still have any questions please post in the Help Corner. Don’t forget to check the other guide and rules too .Thank you for choosing Hogwarts Magic Realm and enjoy your role playing on the forum.
©2011 Hogwarts Magic Realm –HMR Rules

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